Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally taking the leap!

I'm doing it! I'm blogging! It's official. Well, okay not official until I actually hit publish, but still! My plans for this blog are to share my boring life with anyone bored enough to read, and share my creations with y'all. I have so many projects swirling around in my mind. I love to decorate arrange, rearrange, shop...oh! And shoes! I have a great love of shoes! It's quite possible that my shoes will make a regular appearance here on the blog! Even if not a single soul ever reads this, I'll be happy looking at my own pictures! Even though I take terrible picture! I plan to share lots of pics and ask for lots of help along the way. Hopefully I will pick up some readers and get ideas.

My hubby will come up and both of my boys will be involved I'm sure! You may have to read venting, screaming, or witness hairpulling. The boys are 21 and 14, both with birthdays coming up soon. The oldest lives in the Houston area still.

I never want to stop learning! I hope to learn tons and tons of interesting things and possibly have a few tidbits to give to anyone whose interested as well.

Oh! Also, I'm from Texas, grew up outside of Houston and I now live way down at the very bottom of Texas, basically I'm so far south in the Rio Grande Valley that I almost live in Mexico. I love the beach and South Padre Island is a very regular destination for my family.

Okay, that's so enough about me right?! I'm very excited about this adventure!!


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