Saturday, August 8, 2009

Camera death and house woahs

Hi! Well, I have a bit of a hiccup here! My camera is dying a slow death! I can no longer take decent pictures AND it's cheaper to buy a new one than to repair it. Isn't that the way it is now, nothing is built to last, everything is disposable. It's frustrating to me. I have things of my grandmothers that still work! A radio from the 30's, it's only am, but it's working and I can't say that about my not cheap little system I bought about 5 years ago.

Anyway! We are on the hunt for a new one and in the mean time let's talk about hurricane Ike, shall we? Ike did some nice damage to our home in Houston, just as we were preparing to put it on the market. Just our luck, right? Of course the Texas Windstorm insurance didn't pay enough and we had to have adjusters out two more times after the first one to get all the money we needed to get the roof repaired, all of the sheet rock in the garage replaced and a small area inside the house as well.

The timing of this has left us living in a rent house in the valley rather than building the house we planned to be living in by now! It's a nice rental, very new and clean. But, it's not my home and I'm very limited on what I can do here. I did paint, I just can't live with builders beige. I did two feature walls and painted my office. Now we're suspecting that the owners of the house are wanting to sell. Our intuition was whispered to when the owners sent a real estate agent out to take pictures on Tuesday. Hummmmmm we said to ourselves, what is going on here. This is definitely not a house we'd live in long term, it's just too small and the backyard is less than 10 deep, no seriously 10 feet, we could jump into our neighbors pool from our back door!

We have the roof on our Houston home finally, it took until June to get everything done, but at least the house is tight and weatherproof now, in case there's another storm. We have renters in the house thank goodness. We are feeling between a rock and a hard place. AHHHHHHH There I feel better. We are really hoping to live in this rent house until we move into our own place, now maybe another year away.

I hope to have some readers come along for the ride when we build. I'll need input!! Lots and lots of input.

Buy-bye for now!


  1. I love seeing a work in progress. I think you are still ahead of some in getting things done after Ike. Good luck and I can't wait to see your project step by step.

  2. Yes, we are ahead of some. There are still so many blue tarps and sad sights to see. Thanks for coming over!