Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall is here and so are the butterflies!

I just had to blog! I have had the windows open all day! Fall has finally shown her face way down here in south Texas!! Yesterday it was in the high 90's and today it's in the 70's! The wind is from the north and so fresh!!

BUT, the most exciting thing is that I went out just a few minutes ago and the first of the Monarch Butterflies are here!!!! Hundreds and hundreds of butterflies are coming from the north and headed for Mexico! Every year they come through, usually we start seeing them in September, but I guess its just been too hot. I will get off now and go sit outside until its too dark to see them! I tried to take some pictures, but I can't find my cord to plug it into the computer, I thing the teenager has it. If any of them came out I will be posting them soon!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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