Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Creating Vignettes

Hi y'all.  This morning I'm getting ready to head off to Houston for a few days.  My son turned 22 this past weekend, so I'll be taking him and his precious other half to dinner, I'm going to hook up with my Bible study girlfriends and go to Beth Moore's bible study tonight and tomorrow I'll be going to dinner with some girls from high school that I haven't seen in 23ish years!!  There will also be serious snuggling with my brand new nephew, can't wait to meet him!!  I will also be dragging my mom and possibly son's girlfriend all over Houston shopping at the stores we don't have down here!  Any bloggers in the valley that need Houston provisions speak up! :)

I wanted to post a few pictures I took this weekend.  A post on Maria's Blog a few months ago about vignette's inspired me and I've been kind of playing around with doing it.  I'm not good at it, it's something I've always had problems with, you know, the finishing details.  Maria's post made it seem simple enough.  Let me disclaimer this by showing you a picture of how the table by the couch usually looks

Of course the boy is in school right now so his glasses and most of his pens aren't there, and I did throw away the empty dinty moore can before taking the picture!  Now here's some pics of a company's coming side table.

You southern girls will recognize my secret little habit in the background!  Me and Sonic, we are like that I tell you!  Isn't this picture so much better than teenage boys nightstand?  So peaceful!

The flowers are in my granny's baby bottle!  I thank the Lord for her packrat ways!!  I have so much family history from her!

This is the other side table.  This table was my Papa's night stand, it's scratched and beat up, I've gorilla glued the heck out of this think, it was in pieces when I got it.  I will probably paint it the same color as the other side table when I get around to it!

Y'all be sure to notice my little violet plant!  This is the first one I've ever been able to keep alive!  Despite my cats best attempts to kill it!!  It just keeps blooming and blooming! :)

This is my old, but new to me gateleg table in my breakfast area.  I've been sanding away, little by little.  It should be done by Christmas, I hope!  But I wanted it to look nice and have a focal point so I put this together.

So, you like?  See any tips that would make any off it better?

One more thing, this is to show nannykim what my new spray paint trigger looks like, I think hubby bought it at Walmart, but I know I've seen them at Lowe's!

Love this thing!!

Alrighty, I'm off to load the car!!  You ladies have a good week! :)


  1. Oh--thanks for showing that!! If I ever need to do some REAL spray painting I know now what I need!

    WOW you are getting to go to a REAL Beth moore--live?? That is wonderful.

    Your tablescapes look nice. I especially like the one on the gateleg table.!!

    I read a post about doing the litte displays--perhaps the same one. But I had to laugh about the books. I couldn't use books as a display because we all read books and leave them around everywhere. I am constantly having to clean up our books. If we used books as displays on tables I wouldn't have room for the books we are currently reading..Ha!


  2. Yep nannykim Beth Moore live. She teaches a live bible study class every fall and spring in Houston. Usually they are 10 to 11 weeks long. When I lived in Houston I went to every one! I can be seen in lots of her videos (if you know where to look) and I'm even on stage in one of them. I've never seen me though because I never see the taped version, just live! She's very real and just exactly like you imagine she would be! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your vignettes look lovely! I think it's hard to pull a good vignette off...my husband always tell me I have too much "stuff" after I try to put something together. I guess I don't live by the "less is more" philosophy. Have a nice trip to Houston.

  4. I love your vignettes, love the history, and most of all I love how "real" you are.

    You're doing great at this- the vignettes, the spray painting. I love the office chair makeover too!

    I can't sign up to be anyones follower because I made a mistake the first time I ever filled out my profile and can't figure out how to undo it. Until then-all my favorite bloggers are in the sidebar of my blog. I put you in there tonight : )

  5. Sedona - I love your vignettes and am just about to check out more of your posts. Thanks for dropping by my blog (I think it was a while ago - but sometimes it takes me a little while to catch up!) and commenting.

    I'll be back....

  6. Beautiful job, love the shells and the flowers!! Thanks for the mention!

  7. Sedona,
    I just read your sweet comment on my blog.....Thanks for the love, sista. It's one of my favorite redo's so far!

  8. Don't you just love your spray paint trigger? I refer to it as my bff's best friend. (My husband calls spray paint my bff, best friend forever) I think the first week I had it I spray painted everything that stood still!

    Love your blog, will visit again soon.