Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life has curve balls

Well, this is just a word to let bloggyville know that life's about to get crazy here!  We are all gearing up for the wonderful holiday season and everyone is getting too busy to even stop and take a breath.  Everyone is showing off their gorgeous decor, giving ideas freely, and receiving in return.  I have been getting Christmas out and getting it ready to make the house come alive.  I have family coming for Thanksgiving so I have been staging in the garage.  The second they leave every trace of fall is outta here and Christmas is moving in!  Last year we went out of town for Christmas and had just moved into this rent house in Sept.  The unpacking was complete, but I just never got around to decorating for Christmas, so this year I was going to do it up right!

Then came the curve ball!  Isn't life just full of them!  You have to laugh!  Really, what's the option?  Wallering in self pity?  Complaining and having a hissy fit?  No, we're trying to take the whole thing in stride.  We opened a letter this week from our mortgage company that turned out to be not a letter for us, but a letter for the owners of the home we rent!  Oops they have the same mortgage company!  This house is going into foreclosure on 12-03-09!  So we have to start packing!!!  Fortunately our property manager has another home coming available in this same neighborhood on the first.  I'm going to check it out today and make sure it is wheelchair accessible enough for the hubby.  If not then we will really be scrambling for a house to move to.  We know that there are probably things we could do to stay longer, but really if we don't have to deal with the drama we don't want to.  So now, instead of decorating, I'm packing.  We really hope to be moved completely by the middle of December and be able to at least enjoy the rest of the season!

This has cemented the plan for selling our home in Houston and buying down here.  We want to put down some roots and not be worrying about paying rent to a home that's not being paid for!!  This next year is going to be a wild ride!!  I think I will need this blog to be my sounding board, just to think and process what all is going on!  As soon as we sell we hope to build.  The idea of that makes me super excited and makes me want to throw up! LOL  But the idea of having a home built that is perfect for us is so awesome!  After living for 15 ish years in homes that are minimally wheelchair accessible we can have it done exactly right.  We can choose all the fixtures and it will be just how we like it in every way!

Our home in Houston was a typical rancher and we did so many remodelling projects just to make it livable for the hubby, and to make it less 60's and 70's velvet wallpapery!  Living with half the house in the garage, or no shower for two weeks!  I'll be thrilled to have a home that doesn't need updating!!

So you can be sure that there will be pictures!  My poor little craft room/office makeover will have to start all over again at the next rent house!!!!  And I will have to figure out all the furniture placement and where to hang pictures.  There will be lots of pics here and lots of what do you think....should the couch go over here?  LOL  My hubby hates when I ask him those kinds of questions!

Okay ladies!  Let the Thanksgiving madness begin!!!!


  1. Sedona,
    I love the optimism in your words! Even in the face of having to pack up and move again you are taking it in stride and moving on. I really admire you for that!! Good luck with everything. I know it will be a busy time for you and your family. I'm glad you know your blogger friends are here to be your sounding board.
    Enjoy the holiday.

  2. (((((((((Prayers))))))))))))
    I know Our Father will go before you. As I read your post I thought of Isaiah 61 (msg)

    God sent me to announce the year of His Grace-
    a celebration of God's destruction of our enemies-
    and to comfort all who mourn,
    To care for the needs for all who mourn in Zion,
    give them bouquets of roses instead of ashes,
    Messages of joy instead of news of doom,
    a praising heart instead of a languid spirit.
    Rename them "Oaks of Righteousness"
    planted by God to reveal His Glory.

    Blessing Dear one ... I will be praying

  3. moving during the holidays... never fun... but frequently done!

    Thanks for visiting, commenting, following and/or blogging about my 300th post giveaway! Good Luck!

    Blessing. Dixie