Monday, January 4, 2010

Need an excuse to smile today???

Having a bad day??  Need a reason to smile?  Or maybe an excuse to laugh??  Check out my SUPER cute nephew Ian!  You just have to smile when you look at his sweet face!!


  1. Oh, thanks for telling me to come over here and look at this- it did make me giggle to see the joy bubbling out of that tiny little boy! I will be smiling all the way till I fall asleep.

    Congratulations to your family, he is a-dor-able.

    "It is no small thing when they who are so fresh from God, love us." -Mother Theresa

  2. He certainly made me smile! ADORABLE!!

  3. I just stumbled here and immediately laughed out loud--such pure innocent joy!! Thank you so much for sharing this sweet happy face!!

  4. Awwww, he looks like a little Buddah!

    So nice to meet another Texas blogger! I live in the Hill Country, but lived in the RGV for a year when my husband was teaching at Rowe High School in McAllen. How's life down that way these days?

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  5. He is SOOOO cute, you can't help but smile!

    I am having a little "Blue Monday" might want to pop over a take a look. Loved visiting! Have a terrific week!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie