Saturday, January 2, 2010

Outdoor pictures

I promised to post pictures of the backyard and here they are...

Here we are looking out the back door.  I really am having a hard time getting used to seeing a house when I look outside, but we don't live in a rural area anymore!

Poinsettas in my backyard!  How cool is that??  Very cool to me!

Looking toward the back door

A peek inside the workout room

And the lime tree!

That is all! :)


  1. oh man, this is nice! I can't wait till you get settles and Ryan and I come visit! I mean, I we can come before but yeah. haha. I love it!

  2. Your new house looks great. It's beautiful. Huge potential! You will have it showing off a more cozy feel in no time. I would love to have a lime tree in my backyard! And it was fun for me to see poinsettias in a real setting. :)

  3. I love the backyard area. It looks like a wonderful place to hang out...and the workout room, I could definitely use that place right now.
    I can't imagine having my own planted poinsettias!