Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Camera impatience and shoe score!

So today I just couldn't stand it anymore. The doorbell rang several times this morning and not once was it ups! I had to get out of the house. I went shopping. Where does any frustrated shopaholic head to first?? Heaven, or some of you may know it as DSW. First, I knew it would be a fruitful day when I scored a front row space! They were clearing out for the fall inventory and setting up lots of sale signs for the upcoming Sales tax free weekend here in Texas. I was looking for a certian shoe that I just saw at Dillards. They're by Via Spiga called Danielle. When I first saw them last weekend, everyone in the store faded away. My euphoria was dashed quickly, they are $215. So I had high hopes of finding a good knock off at least. Not today, but I will keep looking. I was still very happy as I was leaving. I found a super cute pair of black flats that will easily become my go to shoes. I also found another super cute pair of flats that will go great with an outfit I have.  I love their clearance section!!  I was also hoping to find a pair of yellow heels. I love for my shoes to be a pop of color in my outfit. I don't always match, but my outfits go together. I watch what not to wear dontchaknow!

Then it was on to TJ Maxx. I found a super adorable little sweater for $10.00 and two tops, also on clearance. TJ Maxx is right next to the grocery store so that was next and I bought some flowers while I was there. I love to have flowers in the house and I was on a specific mission for smaller flowers for the tablescaping I've been doing.

After I got home and the camera was still not here...I checked my tracking number and its not due here until the 20th! AAAHHHHHHHH~I will have so many posts to share. So many pictures. Oh, and there was just the slightest slightest touch of cool in the wind this evening. Take that with a grain of salt, it's still 100 here today. But I can feel what we call fall on the way here in the land of two summers. In September the monarchs will be flying through on their way to Mexico. Soon after that all kinds of cool birds start flying through and stopping over at our bird feeders on their way too. Some even stay, I guess we are far enough south to be south for them! I'm getting the camera just in time! :)

Night y'all

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  1. When wearing colour I have learned that you need to repeat it in shoes or jewelry for it to work. So I'm all over the yellow shoes :)