Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello there! I have been out and about in blogland and came across a great post today. So informative! It was over at Colour Me Happy. Maria wrote about accessorizing.

I'm not a designer, but I love design and having beautiful things surround me. I do have a handicap...I don't know how to edit. I have beautiful things I've purchased for myself, things others have chosen for me, and beautiful things from my grandmother. I mean a lot of things from my grandmother. Some I love, some I love only because they were hers. She had two sons, four grandsons and me. Guess who was spoiled?? I am the only person who wanted lots of her things. I did say no to most of it, but a certain percantage just had to come home with me. She is my favorite person on the planet, the one person I felt completely safe and protected with. I have no problem getting rid of stuff. I don't keep gifts because they were gifts. I don't have a problem admitting I made a bad decision and getting rid of it. But my granny's things are just not going anywhere, yet.

So, back to editting. With all of her things and all of my things, I have too much. I also have problems deciding what looks good and how to accessorize. I have bought some pretty things that are still in my "decorating closet" I just don't know how to incorporate it. Now, after reading Maria's blog post I think that I have a renewed interest in trying. She really boiled it down to an essential three things. Flowers, candles, and books. After snooping around at other blogs I could see that the clean uncluttered tabletops with just a few beautiful things really spoke to me, and almost without fail followed this rule. Looking around my house, things look cluttered. That's the deal! Too much of a good thing is just too much.

Now, lots of ideas are running around in my head! I need to start rearranging. I'm on it and I will be posting before and after pictures. My new camera should be here between the 18 and 20, so I will try using my sons cheap camera, now that he's found it in his room. If it doesn't do well then pictures will have to wait until then, but I'm really chomping at the bit to get started tomorrow. I also have a super cute pair of shoes that I want to show off tomorrow. We'll see.

Night y'all! Buh-Bye

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Yes we need photos!! Can't wait to see your creations!