Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I had a very productive weekend! I got several things knocked off of the to do list! I hung a roman shade on my back door. I sewed little rings into the curtains covering my breakfast room windows so that I could use them like shades. I also hung my new super long drapes over our front door! Our house faces west, we have a leaded glass door with a window above. Temperatures here in the summer can be easily into the 105 to 110 range. A lot of heat comes in during the afternoon/evening hours. We can already tell a huge difference!

Yay me!

Unfortunately I have no pictures for you! I am stalking the ups guy, waiting for my camera! Hopefully tomorrow.

This weekend I also have been rearranging and tablescaping a bit. I'm having lots of fun with it. I'm adding some of my granny's small tables in and removing for now some of the larger tables. I'm trying to find a good place for her milking stool! My little tablescaping experiments are going well. I definitely like them better now and it feels so much lighter and less cluttered, because well, it is! LOL

I signed up for school this semester and my boy is just about all ready for his first year in high school! EEKKKK!! He was accepted into our school districts early college high school. That means that he will graduate from high school with his associates degree! And it will be for free!!! Happy dance, oh yeah, happy dance! Since he wants to be a doctor (right now) that will mean that the college money from us will just stretch that much farther. Meaning that much less debt upon graduation.

Okay, hopefully!!!!

Bye y'all

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  1. Drapes over your front door - sounds luxurious! Can't wait to see the photos!