Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bookshelf Fail!!

Hey y'all!  This evening I had planned to post over at Susan's for Met Monday.  I've been working on a bookshelf all week.  Just a little at a time so that I had plenty of time to visit with my boy and his girl while they were here.  Last Sunday I had a huge week planned, my son called late Sunday evening to tell me they would be here the next day!  This week, all of those things are back on my list for this week, including the bookshelf.  WHY???  Because I felt that it needed to be sealed, and I used a satin polyurethane.  By last night I knew...I hated it!!!  HATED IT!  All the love was gone.  I got the sandpaper out and by bedtime last night that little sucker was sanded and primed AGAIN!  Here it is last week:

Here is is before Saturday:

And here it is now:

Look familiar?

This time I have a flat sealer to put on when I'm done painting.  (insert huge sigh here)  Anyone else ever have something like this happen?  I was so close to being done!  I haven't done anything on it today,  I'm just too mad, upset, whatever.  This little hiccup is on top of the Friday night hiccup.  I've been working on a cross stitch pattern and I am getting to the end of it, I used the wrong color on an entire area!  Oh, I haven't taken it out, I can't look at it.  It's not huge, very easily fixable, just frustrating!

I will post something for Met Monday tomorrow!

Thanks for empathizing with me tonight!



  1. I know how frustating that can be!!! Take a couple steps back from it and in a few days you'll be reenergized to work on it again. I know it will turn out great!

  2. Oh I hate when things like that happen... and they seem to happen in groups don't they. I agree, take a breather and then you'll have new energy to put into the project! A question for you, why do you have to put a sealer on top of the paint? Is it a special paint that requires a sealer? Good luck with the projects!
    And thank you for your sweet comment! Several Southerners mentioned the opened window! I know y'all have had a brutal summer this year- hope Fall is cool and long!

  3. Oh boy! Don't you just hate that! Yes - anybody who's ever done any painting or crafting has a disaster or two under their belt! But there's usually a fix (even if it means back to square one!)