Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Curtains on a front door?? YES

So, I talked a bit about this before. My rental home faces West. We have had 60 straight days of over 100 degree days here. Seriously! No, really. And this area isn't called the land of two summers for nothing! It's pretty much always hot here. We get cold fronts occassionally. Little bits of winter here and there. And I use the word winter lightly. What I call winter would make a Canadian wet their pants from laughing so hard! Hey, I need a sweater if it's going to be below 70 degrees!

The beautiful leaded glass door is topped by a beautiful window. We loved the light that flooded in. However, after living with it for a bit, well the a/c was running its poor heart out and we could not keep the front of the house cool. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I searched for curtains long enough that would be in our budget. It took me all summer, but I found some beautiful curtains on They were very affordable and then marked down for clearance. I bought four panels, two for the front door and two for the formal living area next to the front door. However, the formal living room is now our "warehouse" that stores all the product for our ebay business. I may still hang the curtains in there, just to help with the heat and light.

So here's a close up of the curtains:

They are a bronzey metallic color, nice sheen. I love the embroidery work on them! They weren't lined so I added black out fabric to the back so that we would have total light control.

So here's a picture with the drapes pulled back and light streaming in. This was taken in the morning, so in the evenings you can multiply the sunlight coming through by 100.

I hung them on an oil rubbed bronze rod. They were puddling on the floor a bit, I loved it! However, hubbys wheelchair wheels kept getting hung up and yanking the curtains out of the clips, so I have pinned them up. Nothing permanent though, so they can transition into a new home later. They just barely skim the floor now. We absolutely love them! I'm looking for a trim I like to add down the edges of the curtains so they have an extra bit of luxury feeling to them. Of course I'll show pics of that! So here's the gorgeous ending! I love being able to open the them in the mornings and close them a bit in the afternoons and then completely cut the glaring sun out in the evenings!

Ahhhh Fabulous! An extra bonus is now total strangers aren't sticking there noses on the glass looking in when they ring the door bell!
Tomorrow I hope to have my first tablescape for Susans Tablescape Thursdays!!!


  1. Those are so great!! Love them, what an elegant solution!

  2. Great idea!!! I often wondered about glass doors and people peeking through. They look maaarvelous!

  3. Front door is an important part of the hosue and you can decorate it with beautiful and striking curtains