Friday, September 4, 2009

Everyone loves a cute pair of shoes!

Today I'm hooked on a pair of my cute shoes! I'm playing the roll of June Cleaver as I Dyson around the house in my Steve Madden's, purchased earlier this summer at DSW. I said a prayer before I left that house that day, becasue I know that God cares about the small details in my life, not just the big moments. I was there looking specifically for the perfect pair of shoes to match an outfit I had picked out to wear. I walked in and there was a beam of light from heaven shining down on a shoe display! Okay, maybe it was just the bright flourescents! But, there they were, the perfect green shoes. Now, my size 7 feet ran as fast as they could to see if there was the right size. AND there was! They had me at hello. Who could resist really? Ruffles, crayon green, wedge heel...*big sigh*
They've been worn so much! I had no idea how many outfits I would put together to go with the little babies, but everytime I go out in them I can always find my fellow shoe girls, they always stop me!

Cute, no?! What's your favorite shoe today??

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  1. Morning Sedona, I love your name, it happens to be one of my favorite places to spend a vacation, Roy and I go about every 2 years for sure and sometime more often.

    Hey, Glad I found you and you will find a whole list of Texas bloggers on my blog. I don't think I have anyone close to you, there is one around Rockport, I think. There are so many, I didn't make a card on all of them, so I forget.
    I will add you to my list and hope you will come and visit me. I am taking a little short break right now but will be up and running soon.


  2. Adorable! I love those green shoes with the frills, too much fun! Thanks for visiting my blog!