Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tablescape and life!

Good afternoon blogworld!  It's warm here as usual, but super nice because it's overcast!  

I'm posting a tablescape today for Tablescape Thursday!

I decided to do a bit more dressy tablescape today.  I set it on my formal table.  I used my fall dishes and some of my crystal with my nice silverware.  I tried to make it feel welcoming, but special.  Hope you like it!!

In life news, my Daughter in law passed her cosmetology exam!!

She was so excited!!  She came out of that building smiling from ear to ear!  Of course my youngest son and I were cheering like crazy for her!  Tonight we're taking her out to celebrate!

Also yesterday, I made it official!  I change to a fall purse.  It's as fall as it's gonna get around here, so I bit the bullet and did it.  Actually I love getting to change seasons with my clothes, all the darker colors are fun to wear after the bright tropical feel of my summer wardrobe.  Here are the two main summer purses I carried this year:

The first one I found at steinmart!  I get most of my purses from there!  The second one I found at Payless!!

So this morning here is me all dressed for fall

Yes I know I'm wearing shorts and short sleeves, but it was 100 here yesterday!  This is my fall.  My fall purse is a Michael Kors suede purse that I got for christmas two years ago.  After Christmas I found the matching shoes at Marshall's for $15.00!  I love my orange suede shoes!!!  I'm not super big into labels, but my sister in law is, she always buys me name brand, so I'll not argue! :)

What are you wearing for fall???  Any new favorite accessories?

I thought I would leave you with a few pics of the in between of the shelf I'm working on.  Work is going slowly because son and daughter in law are here this week and I'm not just here at the house by myself.

Notice the barey perceptable cat prints on the shelf!  Thankfully it was dry before they checked it out!  It's nearly done!!

And I'll leave you with a picture of my oldest son and dil:

Well, that's all folks!


  1. Love your table settings, they look very much like fall!

  2. Love the chargers -- they are as much fall as spring! Beautiful fall tables.

  3. Wow--you gave us so much info. I love the table. I love the runner with the leaves designed into it! The colors of the dishes are nice--soft yet warm. The fall outfit is cute. I am still wearing summer stuff (hey it is still summer!! for a few more days). I like being comfortable and it is still very warm here--so sleeveless it is with flip flops. (besides my feet are wide and short and I can't find many shoes to fit!! I was not meant to be a glamor girl since I am alergic to most perfume, and makeup and I can't wear much in the line of dress shoes, and I have to wear men's sneaks and sometimes men's shoes. What is weird is I am petite!! ah well--I look like tweety bird--big feet!!! Well, enough of the long run-on rambling sentence.....well...may be one more. Pocketbooks--I get the smallest ones possible OR if I want to carry books then I use a bigger one for that! I am amazed at how I have such a hard time finding stuff even in my tiny purse which measures about 4" by 4" by 2" ! Ah...have a good weekend!! Ha! (My blog is for met thursday is at the spindle cottage one)

  4. Very pretty tablescape. I liked how you mixed the colours in the placesettings. Still feels like summer here too!

  5. Love your tablescape and the rich fall colours. I have not quite switched to a fall bag yet (because I have to buy one). Need to go do some fall shopping!!

  6. Enjoyed reading your post. The tablescape was lovely...I noticed I have the same wicker chargers.
    I liked seeing your fall ensemble. I should get myself a fall purse. I tend to carry the same black purse year round (let's just say I'm not what you call super fashionable!)
    Congrats to your DIL on passing her cosmetology exam!

  7. Very pretty 'scape! I like your centerpiece with the pillar candle in the glass vase with leaves. The candle looks like one of those faux ones...I really want to try one, they look so real and are much safer!


  8. Love what you've shared -- beautiful tablescape for fall - love you're new handbag too! It's fun to change the seasons -- congrats to your dil too!

  9. Great post, and what a gorgeous tablescape! I love the warm fall colors. I also like your sideboard. Such a pretty outfit, too. Congrats to your daughter for passing her exam.


  10. Love the use of the different color plates. Your table is very pretty! Thanks for visiting me...hope to see you again soon!

  11. Love your flatware, so wish I could have seen a closeup picture!

  12. Very pretty!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  13. Great fall colors. Lovely table.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. Beautiful fall table. I love the chargers and all the pretty fall colors.

  15. Your cat gia looks alot like my cat Tina. Love the place settings and all the pictures with the lovely dishes..I'm a dish lover too..thanks for sharing, come visit...Phyllis