Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lots of Before pictures!

Hi y'all! I haven't posted in since Monday because I've been oooohhhhh soooooo busy! We spent all day Saturday and Sunday evening going through all the boxes in the front half of the storage building we bought at auction on Saturday morning. Betty, the manager of the units, bought the one next to us that had been owned by the same person. This person was given a chance to make payment and get all of his things back, but apparently they were all from his first marriage and he didn't want any of it! So I didn't feel so guilty about all of this! By Monday evening we were getting to the back where all of the furniture was! Here are a couple of pictures from Monday:

There is some beautiful furniture in there! Here's the gorgeous antique display cabinet in its new home!

Every square inch of our home is a huge mess right now!! As soon as I pick it up, hubby drags more stuff in! I know it's for a short time, so I'm dealing with it!
As it turns out that gateleg table I brought home on Saturday and posted about had six chairs in the other storage! Betty and I traded, she had those chairs, plus one other old ladderback chair I liked and I had a big ugly burgandy leather recliner that matched the sofa she had, plus an end table that matched another end table and coffee table she had. I was more than happy to give her those! Here's one of the chairs:

These chairs will get a post all their own as I transform them! Here's the fabric that will be going on them:

It's so pretty! I could just eat it with a spoon. I've had it for awhile, I've been looking for an old table and chairs set since we moved in! I left the one I had as a breakfast table in Houston, I gave it to our niece, she was moving into her first apartment and I hated that table! Finally I get to use all of the fabric I've been collecting! Yea!!!!
Now, here is a piece that didn't come from the storage building! I bought this mid century modern bar cabinet for 49.99 at the salvation army! I will be taking off most of the doors, and maybe the legs. It's getting painted and we will be using it as our TV stand in our bedroom. The bedroom is in the middle of it's own transformation! I will be posting about that later this week!

I know it's hard to see, it's crammed into our hallway. It's so huge it could only come in through the garage door and that's the only place for it, so its transformation will be taking place where it sits! The garage looks just like the storage building looks at the top! We have sold several things that we don't want from the building so we've already paid for it, now everything we sell is profit and everything we keep was free!!! Hubby has the bug and has been looking for auction notices in the paper! It is fun! Hard work, but fun to clean things up and transform them, then sell them to someone whose thrilled to have it! Keep watching, I will have lots of before and afters to post in the coming weeks!
I'd love input and ideas for all of the stuff I've shown y'all pictures of, feel free to comment with your thoughts! :)
Bye y'all!


  1. My goodness!!! You are one busy girl. That antique display cabinet is beautiful. I have never been to a storage building auction...there was some great stuff in there! I'm going to follow your blog and see what you do with all your newly acquired stuff.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. I have actually never been to an action. Your display cabinet is beautiful and I like your new choice of fabric for the chairs. Thanks for stopping by Happy Nester and leaving a comment.