Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor day!!!

In the spirit of Labor Day Weekend Carl, Shawn and I have been working our tails off!!
We went to an auction early Saturday Morning and bought two of the storage buildings. One only had four heavy rubber mats and a set of therapy stairs. Carl needs those rubber mats so bad!! He's in a wheelchair and when he works on computers he shocks the heck out of everyone!! We've been looking for some good ones, but they are expensive. So those felt like a great score because we got them for so cheap. The therapy stairs we will sell on craigslist.

The other building we bought was full!! I could see a few things that looked nice, and since the manager of the property is a friend of ours he leaned over and told us there was some nice things in the back. So we bid and got it for a great price!!
For the past two days we have been going through all the boxes in the front. They are garage/barn type items. There's a saddle and all types of things for horses, and an over abundance of tools. Hubby and the kiddo are having cows about all the things they are pulling out. There's a chainsaw, a sawsall, three circular saws, and every other tool you can think off. We have dragged home three really big heavy boxes to dump out and go through. I'm still hoping for a chop saw somewhere!!
Today we will head back over and since we've gotten all the boxes out of the way we will be pulling out the furniture pieces to really see what we have! I know there's a four foot wide curved glass antique display cabinet. I have always wanted one!! It's huge! Also I have already pulled out an antique table that's going to go in our breakfast area. It needs a good cleaning and painting. I think it's going black.
This is a cabinet that I pulled out. It's going to get painted as well and get some glass doors made for it. This all is subject to change, depending on what we've got all the way in the back of the building!
We also pulled out a ladder that will fold into different positions and can act as a scaffolding. I've mentioned that I like to paint. I have painted several friends homes, guided them on colors and went to work. I love that I can be so brave and decisive helping them with color and the finished product always looks so good!!  This ladder will help alot!  Here's my new ladder!
In the next few weeks I will be cutifying all the furniture and the boys will be digging through tools and cleaning them up. Then we will be having garage sales for a few weeks, if they don't go well we'll get a booth a la pulga (flea market)and sell. Then we will also sell on craigslist. We are confident we will make our money back. Just the few antiques I'm keeping would cost as much as we paid for the whole thing!
Flower and I hope that you have a great monday!!!
Hasta  luego (see you later)

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  1. Wow that's a lot of work, can't wait to see the result. I have a gate leg table too, they are great in a pinch!