Monday, September 14, 2009

Metamorphasis Monday

Well hey y'all! Today I'm showing of a few of my salvation army finds and I have a little creation for Susans Met Monday!

First, look at all my little beauties!

I just couldn't get a good picture of this one! It's got little "thumb prints" all around it! I have some other plates and goblets like this! It's really a cute plate!!

Not much better but maybe you can see it? Dont look at my nails, they've had a rough week!

This is a cute little optic bowl. Perfect for serving jam in the morning!

Next is my little blue teacup! Isn't she gorgeous?!

I found these two little plates and knew they were coming home with me! They are Theodore Haviland, Limoge France! I'd love to have a set of these!!

Oh! My little yellow sugar bowl! My Great Aunt Myrtle had a yellow kitchen, straight out of the 50's, I always loved it, when I see cute yellow dishes, they are in my cart!

This is my little tidbit tray! I need to spray paint the handle, but the ruffles are just gorgeous!

Next is a little bubble plate I got to match some other pieces like it that my grandmother gave me!

and last but not least is this indiana glass dish. This will have a million uses!

I've been giving you a tiny peek at a metamorphasis in progress, this is all primered and ready for paint!!!
And this is getting ready for its close up Mister Deville!

Now for today's metamorphasis!!!
I love playing in paper! I could sit at my desk and play in it all day! My son and daughter in law will be coming to visit this week and I made my daughter in law a few pretty things, because she likes paper as much as I do!!
So, here's the before, just a plain simple composition book that I bought for $.70.
And after a little bit of playing and glueing here's how it looks now!

And the inside cover:

A close up of the quote on the inside cover:

Well I hope you enjoyed this!! Hope on over to Susans and check out more gorgeous makeovers!!

See y'all later!!


  1. Great finds! I love that little blue cup & precious! Anxious to see your two projects when they arte done.
    What a transformation on the book. Looks awesome!! She is gonna love it!
    Thank you for spopping by and leaving such a nice comment, it's so much apprectiated.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love the pedestal teacup ... such lovely treasures you have found. Your daughter will love the books.

    Pop over & meet a new blog lady @

    TTFN ~Mardon

  3. I love all the little treasure you found, especially the yellow one.
    And the book is gorgeous! You need to give a tutorial. Especially how you get the edges to stay so smooth. I know you DIL will love it!

  4. You really found some great buys at your salvation army...I love the cup and saucer. You did a wonderful alteration of the composition book, it really looks the paper choices.

  5. I love the comp book. I have been meaning to add some snazz to some of mine, but haven't gotten around to it.

    I think that the optic bowl in your 4th picture was made by Heisey and it is the colonial pattern. I couldn't see a mark in the larger version of the picture to be sure. Good find for that price! (I used to collect it, which is why I know a bit about it)

  6. I LOVE the book! What a great idea:) Thanks for stopping by Homepsun Kitchen, I so enjoy meeting new faces!


  7. Mmmm I loved the definition of dream!

  8. I am going to use your idea for christmas presents--the composition book idea is great for some teenagers I have in the family. Thanks a lot for the wonderful post. Love your glass too!